Charge an electric vehicle at home

Charge an electric vehicle at home

Get a grant to install an off street charging point at home and guidance about charging on the street.

Grants for off street charging points at your home

If you have a driveway or other off-street parking area, you can apply for a government grant to install a charge point. This is only for private homes and not for businesses. Electric vehicle homecharge scheme. There are separate grants available for businesses in the  workplace charging scheme.

How you can charge your vehicle at home

You can only charge your vehicle on your own driveway, or on someone else's land if you have their permission.

You cannot trail a cable over the pavement to charge your car. A power cable running across the pavement, even if covered or inserted into a gully, creates a potential trip hazard or access issue for disabled and vulnerable groups.

We have a legal duty to ensure the safety and use of the highway in accordance with the Highways Act 1980 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. In accordance with the Electrical Wiring Regulations, all electrical equipment must also be certified and regularly tested as electrically safe.

If an injury occurs, this might result in a liability claim for the homeowner or occupier and for the authority.

You cannot install a charge point on the pavement outside your home.

You cannot install a private charge point on the street outside your home. Only the council can install equipment on the pavement or the street.

You cannot install a charging cable gully or channel into the pavement outside your home because this is a potential trip hazard.

We do not provide charging points for your home. We are looking into installing residential charge points in on and off street locations where they are most needed, in addition to existing public charge points. 

Where to charge your electric vehicle away from your home.

We provide public vehicle charging facilities as part of the Revive vehicle charging network at main destinations and on well used routes.

You can suggest where you think a public residential charge point is needed on our map on Travelwest.

Revive includes charge points in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset. 

Sign up and use Revive charge points.

Find out more about electric vehicles and charging on Travelwest.

Where to park and charge electric vehicles in Bristol

Find out which Bristol car parks have charging points.