Report a rogue landlord

Report a rogue landlord

What a rogue landlord is and how to report one

A rogue landlord is a landlord who doesn’t meet their legal obligations to provide safe accommodation and carries out unlawful activities. This could include:

  • harassing or illegally evicting a tenant
  • renting a property that doesn’t meet basic legal standards, such as a property in a poor state of repair or with a low EPC rating 
  • renting a property without a licence, when a licence is needed
  • renting unsuitable accommodation, such as shed, garage or garden shelter, which may not have planning permission or building consent (known as a 'bed in a shed')
  • charging unlawful fees (this also applies to letting agents)

We can take action against rogue landlords or letting agents so that:

  • tenants aren’t exploited
  • tenants’ homes are well managed and safe to live in
  • they meet the necessary legal requirements

Tell us about a rogue landlord or letting agent

You can:

Email or call 0117 352 5010 to tell us:

If your landlord has committed an offence, such as illegally evicting you or not having a property licence, you may be able to claim back up to 12 months’ rent

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