Get residents' parking permits

Get residents' parking permits

Get a digital permit online so that you can park in your residents' parking area

Digital residents' parking permit

Our residents' parking permits are digital. You can apply for and manage your permits online. You don't need to display anything in your vehicle and your permit will be active straight after your application has been approved and paid for.

Get digital residents' parking permits

If you haven't got a MiPermit account to register and apply online you'll need:

  • to live in a residents' parking area
  • an email address to register
  • your postcode and house number
  • a debit or credit card to pay if you need to pay for your permit
  • vehicle registration certificate V5C (log book) for each vehicle
  • your council tax account number which is on your council tax bill:

If you have problems registering or applying for permits call 0345 520 7007.

If you have a MiPermit account to apply online you'll need:

  • to sign into your account

We may contact you to verify any information you provide as part of your parking permit application.

Get digital residents' parking permits

Help with using MIPermit

Central Parking Zone

You can't apply for a digital permit for the Central Parking Zone (CPZ).  Check if you are eligible for a CPZ permit and apply.

Existing paper permits

If you have paper residents’ parking permits you should continue to display the permits in your vehicle.  When they expire you can apply for digital permits.

See how to:

  • replace your paper permit  if it has been damaged, lost or stolen
  • tell us about a change such as new address, change of vehicle or you want to cancel your permit

We'll give you a refund of unused time on your permit then you'll need to apply for a digital permit if you need one.