Get digital visitors' parking permits so that your visitors can park

If you live within the Central Parking Zone (CPZ) you can't get visitors' permits. Find out where your visitors can pay to park Go to index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=235&Itemid=412 (opens new window).

Getting visitors' permits

Digital visitors' parking permits

Our visitors' parking permits are digital. If you have digital visitors' parking permits your visitors don't need to display anything in their vehicle.

You don't need to own a vehicle to apply for visitors' parking permits.

You need to activate your visitor permits when you want to use them.  Each digital visitors' parking permits is valid for one vehicle for one day during the schemes hours of operation.

You can activate visitors' permits in advance, if you know when your visitors are coming activate with their registration number and the date of their visit.

You can swap a vehicle registration number on any activated visitor permit. Log in to MiPermit Go to (opens new window) or call 0345 520 7007 

Get digital visitors' parking permits

If you haven't got a MiPermit account to register and apply online you'll need:

  • to live in a residents' parking area
  • an email address to register
  • your postcode and house number
  • a debit or credit card to pay if your visitors' permits are not free
  • your council tax account number which is on your council tax bill:
    • if you pay council tax direct to the Council, but don't have your account number you can request a copy of your bill online
    • if you pay council tax as part of your rent, have just moved in to the property or don't pay council tax at all, see our pdf terms and conditions  (255 KB) for other types of evidence that we accept
    • email a copy of your evidence to and then call 0345 520 7007 to continue with your application

If you have problems  registering or applying for permits call 0345 520 7007.

If you have a MiPermit account to apply online you'll need:

  • to sign into your account

Get digital visitors' parking permits

Activate or change vehicle registration on digital visitors' permits

Visitors' parking permits are digital permits, your visitors don't need to display any type of permit in their vehicle. You'll need to allocate a permit to your visitors vehicle for their visit. You can do this up to two weeks in advance.  If plans change, you can cancel any visitor sessions as long as they haven't started. 

To activate a visitor permit:

To swap a vehicle registration on an active visitor's permit:

  • Login to the MiPermit, select Activate Visitor Permit, change your visitors' vehicle registration number and the date required
  • Call MiPermit on 0345 520 7007

Help to apply for  visitors' permits

If you don't have access to the internet or a smartphone or you are unable to use a land line phone, you can still apply for visitor permits.  Fill in our residents' parking contact form or call 0117 9222600.

See also help to use your visitors' permits Go to (opens new window).

Visitors' permit expiry

All visitors permits will expire one year from the date you apply for them.   You can cancel your visitors' permits at any time.  You won't get a refund for unused permits you have paid for.

Paper visitors' permits

If you have paper visitors' parking permits you should continue to display the permits in your visitors vehicles.  When they expire you can apply for digital visitors' permits.

Fill in our residents parking contact form to tell us if you've paid for paper visitor permits and that they expire before a full 12 month period from when you bought them. You'll need to upload a copy of your invoice or receipt in the document upload section.  We'll contact you to tell you what to do so that they remain valid for the full 12 month period.