How to get a disabled bay in a residents' parking scheme area, where you can park if you've got a Blue Badge and how to get a carers permit.

Where Blue Badge holders can park

Blue Badge holders don't need a permit to park in any residents' parking area.

Blue Badge holders can park for free without a time limit in residents' parking areas in:

  • permit holders only bays
  • shared use bays
  • pay and display bays

You can't park in:

  • loading bays
  • Car Club bays 

Blue badge holders can also park on double yellow lines for up to three hours.

Find out more in the Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities, on website.

Disabled bays

If you're a disabled resident in a residents' parking area we may be able to create a disabled bay. Any Blue Badge holders can park in the bay but if someone without a Blue Badge parks there we'll be able to take some action. Get a disabled parking bay near your home.

There are also statutory disabled bays close to shops and other community facilities in most residents' parking areas.

Parking for carers

If you care for friends and family, or you're a medical professional, then you can get permits on the medical and social care permits page.

Either the carer or person getting care can apply for the permits.