Pitlochry Close parking permit area

Pitlochry Close parking permit area

Maps, costs, and information on when you can park in the Pitlochry Close parking permit area (PPA).

Operational hours

Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm.

Maps of the Pitlochry Close PPA

See a detailed map of the of the Pitlochry Close permit area (pdf, 175KB) (opens new window) .

Get residents' and visitors permits

You can get both residents' and visitors' parking permits by downloading and sending back a paper form.

Get permits using our application form (pdf, 73KB) (opens new window) .

Permit costs and allocations

See residents' and visitors' parking permit costs

About our residents' parking schemes

Information about our residents' parking schemes (RPS) across Bristol, types of permit available, what bays there are and what vehicles can park in them.