Renew your residents' parking permit

Renew your residents' parking permit

You can renew your permits if they're going to expire in the next 28 days and if your details haven't changed since you got them.

Is your car registered at your address?

If your car isn’t registered at the address you need a permit for, or you have a leased or company vehicle you need to apply using a paper form.

Easton and St Philips (ES) and Central Parking Zone (CPZ) residents can't renew online. You'll need to renew using a paper form.

Before you start

If your permit has expired or any of your details have changed, you'll need to get a new permit.

If you bought your permits separately, you'll need to renew each one separately too.

You don't need a residents' parking permit if you're a Blue Badge holder.

Renew online

You'll need:

  • an email address
  • a debit or credit card to pay

You must answer all questions unless marked as optional.

Renew your permit online

Other ways to renew

If you can't apply online, you can download and return a paper form.

Renewal reminders

We only send renewal reminders if you have these permits:

  • Medical
  • Landlord
  • Essential Care

or live in these resident parking zones:

  • Central
  • Easton and St Philips