Visitors and commuters

Visitors and commuters

If you're a resident you can get visitors' permits for your visitors

Apply for visitors' permits.


If you're visiting someone who lives in a residents' parking scheme area, you can use visitors' permits or pay and display.

Visitors' permits

You can get these from the person you're visiting.

Residents don't need to own a car to get visitors' permits.

Each permit is valid for one day but can be swapped between vehicles on that day. 

Visitors’ permits will be sent to you by recorded delivery. If you're not at home when they arrive, you'll need to collect them from the post office.

Pay and display

You can either park for up to 30 minutes free of charge using a pay and display ticket or pay £1 an hour to park for up to three hours.

You may be able to park for longer than three hours in some areas. This will be clearly indicated by the sign next to the parking place and on the pay and display machine.

In most areas the hours of operation are 9am until 5pm. You can park free of charge outside these hours.


Commuters are encouraged to find alternative travel options for getting to areas around the city centre. 


If you use your car for work and you need to park in a residents’ parking scheme for more than half an hour, you should talk to your employer to ensure they have the permit you will need.

Pay and display will cost £1 an hour for up to three hours (in most scheme areas). Bower Ashton, Cliftonwood and Hotwells and Clifton Village have longer restricted parking hours.

You can use one of the city centre car parks. You can apply for a season card or a permit for these car parks.

Park and ride

There are three park and ride sites at:

  • Portway (Shirehampton)
  • Brislington
  • Long Ashton

Hours of operation, cost, map and directions on the TravelWest website.

Car sharing

It's going to become more difficult to park your car all day, free of charge, in one space near the city centre.

You could try sharing the journey, and splitting the cost of petrol and parking in an official car park.

Getting a bus

Find help on planning your bus journey in and around Bristol.

Getting a train

Cross Country Trains, First Great Western and South West Trains all operate services into Bristol.

Rail information on the TravelWest website.

Cycling and walking