Report a breach of building regulations

If you think you know about a breach of building regulations, you can let us know.

It’s the responsibility of all designers, builders and building owners to make sure they comply with the requirements of building regulations and related legislation.

We enforce the building regulations legislation informally by checking plans submitted and making site inspections.

We take a more formal approach where works are carried out without consent.  We only take legal action as a last resort.

Report a breach of building regulations

Other ways to report a breach

You can write to us at: Building Regulations and Standards, City Hall, Bristol City Council, PO Box 3176, Bristol, BS3 9FS.

What happens next

  • we check the reported breach to find out if the incident is an enforcement issue, so it can be formally registered
  • we’ll write to the owner of the property to find out what works have been carried out, and arrange a site inspection if necessary
  • we'll carry out a site inspection if there's no response to our letter
  • we'll try to negotiate an acceptable solution, in many cases a regularisation application can be made
  • if this fails, we may consider taking formal legal action