What's covered, policy information, how to make a claim and how to contact us if your information changes.

We have an obligation to provide building insurance for our leasehold properties bought under the right to buy scheme.

This policy covers against loss or damages caused by things like:

  • fire
  • smoke
  • lightning
  • explosion
  • storm
  • flood 

See the policy booklet or insurance schedule below for more information of what is covered.

This policy is arranged through Protector Insurance and is recharged to you as part of the annual service charge.

The premium charged is based on the sum insured and includes Insurance Premium Tax. 

The sum insured is calculated based on the rebuild costs of the property. 

If you make any improvements which might affect the value of your property, contact us so we can make sure it's covered in the insurance. 

Policy information

Insurer: Protector Insurance
Policy number: 3139352
pdf Summary of cover (445 KB)
pdf Policy wording (392 KB)

Make a claim

To make a claim, phone  on 0161 823 1912 or email Protectorclaims@uk.sedgwick.com 

Policyholder/Leaseholder should provide all information necessary such as:

  • Policy Number and Address
  • Cause of damage
    • Has the cause been rectified, for example if there is an escape or water or water ingress, has the water been stopped?
    • Is the property secure?
  • Description of damages
    • How many rooms have been affected?
    • Areas of damage - such as walls, ceilings, décor or flooring.
    • Photos of damages where possible.
    • Details of any contents, stock, Money or other damages.
  • Date of Loss
  • Is the property Tenanted?
  • Are there any third parties responsible for the damage (We will require their details to investigate a potential recovery).
  • Any crime reference numbers or emergency service details to be provided where applicable.

Policyholder/Leaseholder to provide all relevant contact details at day one for ongoing communications.

Changes to your information

If any information supplied in connection with this policy changes, let us know by emailing insurance@bristol.gov.uk or by calling 0117 922 3212.

If you do not inform us of any changes in connection with this policy it may result in your insurance cover no longer being valid.

For example, let us know of the following changes in circumstances:

  • Changes in your rebuild sum insured.
  • If your property is let, part let or sub-let.
  • If your property is used for any business purposes (other than clerical).
  • If your property is unoccupied for more than 30 days.
  • Change in forwarding addresses for correspondence (also inform the Right to Buy and Leasehold Services Team via email home.ownership@bristol.gov.uk or telephone 0117 922 2000 Option 4).

Content insurance

We do not currently provide home contents insurance for leaseholders. We recommend that leaseholders get their own contents insurance cover.

Contact us

Email insurance@bristol.gov.uk or call 0117 922 3212, if you:

  • want to request your personal home insurance schedule, including the sums insured and premium for your property
  • need a physical copy of any of the documents
  • have any other queries