Start your own Friends of Park Group

You can start a new group in a park where none exists.

Set up a Friends of Park Group

Your group will need to have at least one main contact person.
Once your group is created you may want to set up:

  • a Facebook page and Twitter profile
  • a website

Health and Safety

To start planning activities as a Friends of Park Group, you'll need at least one person who's attended Bristol Parks Health and Safety training.

The Parks Health and Safety course covers key aspects in organising and running volunteer activities in a green space, including risk assessments, tool use, hazardous plants and additional support.

Trained parks volunteers are covered under Bristol City Council personal accident and public liability insurance to lead group participants in a range of practical tasks using hand tools.

Apply for health and safety training

Bristol Park Volunteers that lead work sessions use standard forms and risk assessments to deliver safe sessions.

Forms and model risk assessments for trained parks volunteers

Resources for Friends of Parks Groups

Use the guides below to help you with different tasks.

Roles in the group



Tips and survey

Working effectively with volunteers