If you care for someone, you can get support to take a break from caring, whether it's for an hour, a day, or a week.

Respite care

You can get different types of temporary respite care for the person you care for including:

  • day respite which gives more support at home or in a day care centre
  • residential respite such as short term stays in a care home or somewhere else

Respite care can be organised in different ways depending on:

  • the type of respite you and the person you care for need
  • organisations that might help
  • any costs involved

Organise your own respite care

You can also arrange respite care directly with:

  • home care or nursing agencies
  • sitting services
  • care homes
  • day services
  • a personal assistant

Well Aware is a local directory of health and wellbeing services, support organisations, activities and groups. Go to the Well Aware website and search for "respite care".

Get respite care from us

If you're already getting help from us, but think you need respite care, contact your social or care worker.

If you're not getting help from us, you may still be able to get money to help pay for a break. You'll need to ask for a carer's assessment.


We charge for respite care based on people's ability to pay. We'll talk to you about charges when we assess your needs.

If you arrange your own respite care, you'll need to ask them how much it costs.

Short breaks for parents or carers of disabled children

Short breaks give parents and carers of disabled children a break from caring. It can range from an hour to a day, evening, overnight or weekend, depending on your needs.

Find out who is eligible for short breaks.