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What a Carer's Assessment is, how to ask for an assessment for yourself or for a carer you support.

You're a carer, if you look after someone who cannot manage without your help.

As a carer, you need to look after your own health, and balance caring with other parts of your life, such as work or family.

A Carer's Assessment helps you find out about support that could help you in your caring role.

Check if you can get a Carer's Assessment

You can ask for a Carer's Assessment at any time if:

  • you're aged 18 or over
  • you care for an adult who lives in Bristol
  • you share the caring with other family members or friends
  • you're planning on looking after an adult in Bristol

Under the age of 18

If you're:

You can ask for a Carer's Assessment even if the person you care for does not get any services from us.

There's no cost for a Carer's Assessment.

You do not need the permission of the person you're caring for to ask for a Carer's Assessment. You're entitled to one in your own right. It's not a test of your ability to care.

Having a Carer's Assessment will not affect your right to receive a carer's allowance.

Ask for a Carer's Assessment for yourself

You can ask for a Carer's Assessment if you need support in your caring role.

We could support you by:

  • providing information and advice about other services in Bristol who may be able to offer support for you or the person you care for
  • setting up a service so you can have regular short breaks from your caring role
  • recommending ways to improve your wellbeing

If the person you care for receives services from us

If the person you care for receives services from us, and there's a social care professional involved, ask their allocated worker for a Carer's Assessment.

The allocated worker will arrange a meeting where you can discuss your needs and your caring role.

You do not have to complete a self-assessment first.

Before the assessment

To prepare for your Carer's Assessment, go through the Carer's Assessment checklist.

Make a note of any comments or questions you'd like to raise with the allocated worker that supports you with the assessment.

During the assessment try to make sure you cover everything on the checklist. If you find the assessment tiring, you can ask for a break.

If the person you care for does not receive services from us

If the person you care for does not receive any services from us or does not have an allocated worker, you can have a Carers Assessment completed by one of our trusted assessors:

You can also request a Carers Assessment to be completed by the Integrated Carers Team:

Refer yourself for Carer's Assessment

Or call Care Direct on 0117 9222 700.

Help with an assessment

A friend or family member can help you with your assessment.

If you do not have a family member or friend who you can ask, you can have someone to speak on your behalf. This is called an advocate. We can find a free independent advocate to help you.

Let us know if you want an advocate, an interpreter or anyone else to support you, when you make your referral.

What happens next

We'll contact you and work with you on a care and support plan and individual outcome. These set out how your needs as a carer will be met. This can be done over the phone or at your home.

Ask for a Carer's Assessment for a carer you support

If you're a professional who supports or works with a carer, you can refer them for a Carer's Assessment:

Refer a carer you support for a Carer's Assessment

Trusted assessor

If you're a trusted assessor, you can send us a Carer's Trusted Assessment or ask us to do a Full Carers Assessment for the carer.

If you're sending us a Carer's Trusted Assessment, you will need to upload a copy of the assessment and a signed Direct Payment agreement in the form.

Refer someone for a Carers Assessment as a trusted assessor