A carer is someone who looks after a partner, relative or friend to help them to stay living at home.

As a carer you could get help so that you can look after your own wellbeing while caring for someone else.

It's important to think about how the care and support you provide affects your wellbeing and what could make things better for you and the person you look after.

Find local help and support

There's a wide range of organisations in Bristol providing help and services for carers. Some are free and you'll need to pay for others.

Well Aware is a local directory of health and wellbeing services, support organisations, activities and groups.

Carers' organisations in Bristol

National organisations

Carers Trust
The Carers Trust can help you to maintain your own health and wellbeing, make your needs and voice heard and provide someone to talk to. They also run play and support schemes for young carers.

Carers UK
Carers UK provides expert telephone advice and support services, champions your rights and helps you find new ways to manage.

Care for carers
A support association providing information about benefits, health trainer services, anti-bullying websites and adult education.

Carers Direct Helpline
You can call the Carers Direct helpline if you need help with your caring role and want to talk to someone about what options are available to you.

NHS Choices guide to care and support
A guide for carers about the carers assessment and what care and support services you might get.

Which: helping you understand care choices
Free, independent and practical advice about caring for older people across the UK, including a care advice tool. 

Ask for a carer's assessment

A carer's assessment will look at the different ways that caring affects your life and find out about things that could help you in your caring role, like breaks or carers allowances.

The Care Act 2014

Changes to the Care Act are designed to help you plan for the future and put you more in control of the help you receive.

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