Better Breathing classes are for people with respiratory conditions, such as COPD, who already have experience of exercising under medical supervision.

Who the classes are for

Better Breathing exercise classes are for people who have already completed pulmonary rehabilitation. The classes are supervised by trained instructors and are designed to help you to continue with exercising.

If you have COPD and you haven't done supervised exercise before, you can ask to be referred to the pulmonary rehabilitation scheme.

How much the classes cost

The prices for Better Breathing classes at sports and leisure centres will vary. Ask at each centre what the cost is.

What classes you can do

There are classes that

There are specific Better Breathing classes at

  • Brunel Fitness Centre 0117 377 0098
  • The Greenway Centre 0117 950 3335
  • Hengrove Park Leisure Centre 0117 9370 200
  • Merchants Academy Sports Centre 0117 301 5006
  • The Park Health Fitness Suite 0117 377 3382

At these Everyone Active centres, you join the 12 week Physical Activity Referral Scheme.

  • Easton Leisure Centre 0117 903 1628
  • Henbury Leisure Centre 0117 353 2555
  • Horfield Leisure Centre 0117 353 2540

How to get referred

You must be referred by a medical professional. If you have completed pulmonary rehabilitation less than three months ago, your pulmonary rehabilitation team can refer you.

If it has been longer than three months, ask your GP or practice nurse to refer you.

If the classes are at an Everyone Active centre, your GP or practice nurse will need to pdf complete an Everyone Active physical activity referral form (152 KB) .

They'll need to send the form to the centre where you want to join the classes. The instructor will then contact you and invite you to the centre for your first session.