Energise is an exercise programme for people who have cancer or recovering from cancer.

If you have cancer or are recovering from cancer, you can maintain or improve your quality of life by taking part in regular, supervised exercise with fitness instructors specially qualified to support people with cancer.

This award winning programme is a partnership between MacMillan Cancer Support, North Bristol NHS Trust and Everyone Active.

You can do the cancer rehabilitation exercise programme if 

  • you're over 16
  • you've been diagnosed with cancer
  • you're undergoing cancer treatment now such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • you've finished having cancer treatment
  • you're having maintenance cancer treatments such as hormone therapy
  • you have a stable medical condition

If you have these other medical conditions, you can't take part in the classes including: 

  • acute respiratory disease
  • unstable angina
  • unstable diabetes
  • acute heart failure
  • pregnancy
  • hypertension: when your blood pressure measurements are 160 systolic / 100 diastolic or more
  • tachycardia: when your resting heart rate is above 100 beats per minute

How the exercise programme works

Before you start, we'll do a health check and give you more information about the programme. We'll let you know if we need to contact your GP for more details about your condition or treatment.  

Everyone who joins gets a personalised programme with a mixture of aerobic and resistance  exercise to help you be physically active.

The exercise programme is based in the gym using bikes, treadmills and rowing machines, as well as a circuit programme. 

The informal classes are carried out in a group with other cancer patients or people who've had cancer. 

How to join the exercise programme

You can ask your GP, consultant, nurse, physiotherapist or cancer specialist to refer you using the pdf cancer rehabilitation exercise referral form (194 KB) .

Or you can refer yourself by pdf completing a self referral form (189 KB)  and sending it to one of the contacts listed below. They'll contact you within 2 weeks to arrange a consultation.  

When and where the classes are on

You can do the classes at:

Horfield Leisure Centre
Dorian Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 0XW
Contact Alistair Macfarlane at alistairmacfarlane@everyoneactive.com or call 07825033741
Contact Tracy Charles at tracycharles@everyoneactive.com

Contact each leisure centre for prices and class times.


To help us improve our service, send any feedback or concerns to Alistar Macfarlane at alistairmacfarlane@everyoneactive.com or call 07825 033741.