What the physical activity referral scheme is, how it can help you and how you can get referred.

This is an introduction to physical activity to 

It's a 12 week scheme where you visit a participating leisure centre or gym at least twice a week. 

You'll get a personalised exercise programme with a trained referral instructor, based around your health conditions and what you'd like to achieve, even if you haven't exercised before.

Who the scheme is for

You can do the scheme if you

How it works

At your first session, you'll meet your referral instructor at one of the venues listed below. They'll do a health check with you where you can discuss any preferences or concerns you have or ask them any questions. The instructor will plan a personalised programme for you and give you an induction on how to use any gym equipment you'll use for your plan. 

Activities are mainly gym based exercise but may include other activities like swimming and light circuit training, depending on the leisure centre you go to.

You'll meet your instructor during week 3, 6 and 12 of your programme. In week 3, you'll have an informal chat about how your programme is going. At weeks 6 and 12, you'll also have a health check to track your progress. 

When you've completed the scheme, make an appointment with your doctor, nurse or health care practitioner to discuss: 

  • your results
  • your health condition
  • how to continue exercising and stay active after you finish the scheme

How to get a referral

Ask your doctor, practice nurse, physiotherapist or hospital consultant if you're suitable to do the scheme. 

If you are, your doctor or practice nurse needs to fill in this GP referral registration form for Easton, Henbury or Horfield leisure centres.

For all others send a pdf referral form (152 KB)  to the instructor at your chosen leisure centre or gym. The instructor will contact you within two weeks to arrange your first appointment.

How much it costs

The cost will depend on which centre you go to, but it is less than the standard membership or entry fee to the venues. Contact the venues listed below to find out the cost and times before you ask for a referral. Some venues offer discounted memberships for people who've completed the 12 week scheme.

You can bring someone with you, such as a friend or family member. They pay the same reduced entry fee as you for the sessions.

Where you can do it

You can find out more about the classes and facilities at each centre and where your doctor or nurse sends your referral form to:

Exercise / GP Referral Scheme
Brunel Fitness Centre
Speedwell Rd, Speedwell, BS15 1NU
Contact Ellie Stanley at ellie@almsport.co.uk or Bristol@almsport.co.uk or call 0117 377 0098
Or email Bristol@almsport.co.uk

Exercise Referral Scheme
Easton Leisure Centre
Thrissell St, Easton, BS5 0SW        
Contact Alistair MacFarlane at alistairmacfarlane@everyoneactive.com or 07825 033 741 
Or contact Tracy Charles at tracycharles@everyoneactive.com or 0117 903 8600 / 0117 903 8000

Exercise on Referral
Greenway Centre
Doncaster Rd, Southmead, BS10 5PY
Contact Becky Chinnock at beckychinnock@southmead.org or 0117 950 3335 
Or contact Scott Appleby at fitness@southmead.org or 0117 909 0027

Exercise Referral Scheme
Henbury Leisure Centre 
Avonmouth Way, Henbury, BS10 9NG
Contact Alistair MacFarlane at alistairmacfarlane@everyoneactive.com or 07825 033 741 
Or contact Tracy Charles at tracycharles@everyoneactive.com or 0117 353 2550

Steps to Health GP Referral Programme
Hengrove Park Leisure Centre
The Boulevard, Hengrove Park, BS14 0JZ    
Contact Naomi at Naomi at hengrove.referral@parkwood-leisure.co.uk or 0117 937 0200    

Exercise Referral Scheme
Horfield Leisure Centre 
Dorian Road, Horfield, BS7 0XW
Contact Alistair MacFarlane at alistairmacfarlane@everyoneactive.com or  07825 033 741
Or contact Colin Simpson at colinsimpson@everyoneactive.com or 0117 903 1643 ex 45005

Exercise Referral Scheme
Merchants Academy Sports Centre
Molesworth Drive, Withywood, BS13 9BL 
Contact Matt Wood at Matt.wood@merchantsacademy.org or 0117 301 5006

The Park Sports Centre
Daventry Road, Knowle, BS4 1QD    
Contact Ben Pollard at Ben.pollard@theparkknowle.org.uk  or 0117 377 3382 or 0117 903 9770 
Or email Gym.instructors@theparkcentre.org.uk