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What PD Warrior is, who the classes are for, what happens at a class, how to join.

PD Warrior is a physical rehabilitation programme of motivation and exercise that works on mind and body coordination.  

It’s for people recently diagnosed or in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease.

The PD Warrior exercises are designed to slow the progress of Parkinson's by helping the brain to naturally rewire and protect itself. 

This is more effective than walking, going to the gym or swimming.

PD Warrior can:

  • improve mobility
  • decrease tremors
  • improve your confidence in doing daily tasks
  • increase your energy levels
  • slow down the progression of Parkinson's disease

It’s designed to work with your medicine and not replace it.

Who the classes are for

The PD Warrior programme is for you if:

  • you’ve recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
  • you’re in the early or moderate stages of Parkinson’s disease
  • you’re still reasonably fit and active

We also have supervised exercise classes for people with Parkinson's disease  who are medically stable and are ready to start exercising.

What happens at a class 

The small  group class is led by PD Warrior trained instructors who’ll teach you the specific core exercises of PD Warrior. The class also includes other activities such as boxing, kettlebells and battle ropes. This is part of the PD Warrior approach of power  and high effort level exercise.

How to join a class

If you haven’t done PD Warrior before

If you haven’t done PD Warrior before, you can sign up for the 10 week beginner’s course. 

The classes are at the Bristol Brain Centre at Southmead Hospital. The classes are once a week. We’ll do a health assessment before and after you’ve done the course to show you what improvements you’ve made.

Contact Alistair Macfarlane on 078 2503 3741 or email about times, prices and signing up to the beginner classes. 

If you’ve done PD Warrior before

When you’ve finished the 10 week course, or you’ve done PD Warrior somewhere else, you can continue going to classes at Henbury Leisure Centre. The classes are held twice a week.

Contact Alistair Macfarlane on 078 2503 3741 or email about times, prices and signing up to the continuation classes.