About the BEB award

About the Bristol Eating Better Award

What is the Bristol Eating Better Award, how it works, who can apply.

What the Bristol Eating Better Award is

The Bristol Eating Better Award is a free award for food businesses that sell healthier food options and promote sustainability.

The award is about:

  • making small changes, for example in the ingredients you use or how you prepare food and what packaging you serve the food in
  • offering healthier alternatives, for example fruit or non sugary drinks
  • encouraging customers to choose these alternatives, for example by making the healthier options cheaper
  • encouraging customers to bring their own reusable cups and containers to reduce single use plastic

How the award works

We won’t ask you to completely change what you do or sell.

When you apply, we’ll ask you what you’re doing or could do to make your food healthier or be more sustainable.  

There will be actions you can take, whatever type of food business you have. You might already be taking some of these actions without realising. You won’t be scored down for the ones that are not applicable to your business

The more you do or commit to doing, the higher level of award you get.

What kind of actions you’ll need to take

Some actions are very simple. Others need a bit more thought around the products you buy, how you prepare your dishes, and how you present your menu to customers.

Some examples include:

  • providing free drinking water
  • lowering sugar, salt, and saturated fat in some of your products
  • agreeing to promoting healthier food items
  • making fruit and vegetables a part of every meal
  • minimising food waste
  • buying fish that isn’t on the endangered list
  • buying locally produced food
  • considering sustainable food packaging
  • encouraging customers to bring reusable cups and containers

Award levels

Bristol Eating Better award logos

The award is broken down into:

  • 30 core actions
  • 30 additional actions

You must do all the core actions that are relevant to your business.

Bronze and Sugar Smart Award

Doing all the core actions will win you the Bronze award and the Sugar Smart Bristol award.  

Silver Award

To win the Silver award, you need to:

  • do the 30 core actions
  • commit to 75% of the additional actions that are relevant to your business

Gold Award

To win the Gold award, you need to:

  • do the 30 core actions
  • commit to 90% of the additional actions that are relevant to your business

Who can apply

This scheme is for food businesses that make and sell food directly to customers, for example:

  • restaurants
  • takeaways
  • cafes and coffee shops
  • mobile food vans
  • market stall holders

You need to:

Who can’t apply for the Bristol Eating Better Award

You can’t apply if your business is owned by a tobacco company.

To find out more, email bristoleatingbetter@bristol.gov.uk.  


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BEB BaxterStorey video

Watch chef Lloyd Stoll give tips on eating better, demonstrating how BaxterStorey won their Gold award.

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