Bristol Indies Market

Bristol Indies' Market

The Bristol Indies' Market (formerly the Nails Market) is held outdoors on Corn Street and Wine Street, every Friday and Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

The Nails Market is now called the Bristol Indies' Market

We have vacant stalls for you to sell all types of goods, such as artwork, photography and vintage clothing. We prefer goods that are produced locally or within Britain.

If you'd like to sell food dishes,  you'll need to apply to one of our food markets:

Ways to trade at the Bristol Indies' Market

Initially, all traders start trading with us as casuals. After your first five trades, you can contact us to discuss becoming a regular trader.

Casual trading

Casual trading is first-come, first-served. You need to ring the office on the Saturday before the week you want to trade and ask for a stall.

Regular trading

As a regular trader, you:

  • get a stall each week
  • don’t have to book a stall
  • are entitled to one day’s annual leave every quarter
  • get charged regardless of whether you show up to trade

What you get as a trader

All traders get:

  • 8ft x 8ft traditional market umbrella
  • two 6ft x 2ft tables
  • access to electricity
  • one car parking space in a city centre location close to the market

Cost of trading at the Bristol Indies' Market

Friday stall:

Flat rate: £20 per trade

Block booking of 6 trades: £18 per trade

Saturday stall:

Flat rate: £30 per trade

Block booking of 6 trades: £27 per trade

Friday and Saturday stalls:

After the first five times, you can:

  • continue trading on a casual basis
  • apply to become a regular trader

Apply to trade at Bristol Indies' Market 

We want the Bristol Indies' Market to offer a wide range of products to shoppers. As we already have several traders selling jewellery at the market, we can’t offer any stalls to jewellery traders at the moment.

Before you apply, you must:

You can get this insurance policy by becoming a member of the National Market Traders Federation. You can also get a quote from an insurance broker. 

Apply for a stall at the Bristol Indie's Market

Once we've got your application, we’ll aim to review it within ten working days.