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Eat and drink

We’ve got cafes, top-quality street food and fresh-baked pies.

Choose from around the world, Caribbean to Italian, Moroccan to British.

Caribbean Wrap - eat and drink

Caribbean Wrap

Glass Arcade

Eatchu - food and drink


Exchange Avenue

The Olive Works - eat and drink

The Olive Works

Glass Arcade

Pieminister - eat and drink


Glass Arcade

Royce Rolls Cafe - eat and drink

Royce Rolls Cafe

South Arcade

Big Juice Bar - eat and drink

Big Juice Bar

Glass Arcade

Chilli Daddy

Chilli Daddy

Glass Arcade

Matina - food


Market Gate

Portuguese Taste - eat and drink

Portuguese Taste

Glass Arcade

Caffe Exchange - eat

Caffe Exchange

Corn Street

eat a pitta - eat and drink

Eat a Pitta

Glass Arcade

The Moorish Cafe - eat and drink

The Moorish Cafe

Glass Arcade

Spice Up Your Life - shopping

Spice Up Your Life

South Arcade