Bins and recycling collection dates

Bins and recycling collection dates

Find out when your bin and recycling collection days are.

We are working with Bristol Waste to return the garden waste services to normal as soon as possible.

We will update our website and issue a message on Facebook and Twitter as soon as possible to advise residents of when the green waste service is likely to resume.

Search on the collection day finder and download the collection calendar for your property.

Bin collection day finder

Normal services: how often

  • black wheelie bin: every two weeks
  • black and green recycling boxes: weekly
  • brown food waste bin: weekly
  • garden waste: every two weeks (only shows on the collection day finder when you're paying for the service, find out how to set up garden waste collections)

We cannot arrange collections at any other time.

Where and when to put bins out:

  • make sure all rubbish or recycling is placed inside the correct container
  • make sure the lid is closed on your black wheelie bin
  • if you have forgotten to put your recycling or bin out for collection, put them out on your next collection date
  • put bins and recycling boxes out after 6pm the day before collection and before 6am on the morning of collection, they should be at the edge of your property and visible from the road
  • take your bin off the highway as soon as possible after the collection

Get help putting bins out

If you need help putting bins or boxes out, call us on 0117 922 2100.