Guide to our Citizen Portal online account

Guide to our Citizen Portal online account

Why you need to create another account

You need to create a Citizen Portal account and sign in to use our  bin, recycling, and some street issue online forms.   

 When you log in into the portal you’ll be able to submit the form and check its status.  


How to create a Citizen Portal account 

You can create the Citizen Portal account in two ways: 

  1. By selecting “Create the account” link on the log in page and using your email address. 

  1. By linking to one of your social accounts (Facebook, Google or Microsoft), using the social ID buttons. 
    Using one of your social media accounts to log in is simple, quick, and easy. You don’t need to create a new password as you can sign-in clicking the social ID name and if you’re logged in to your social account it will automatically log you in Citizen Portal. 

When you create an account you'll be asked to give permission to view your basic profile (name, picture, username and email address). Giving these permissions means that you allow this app to use your data as specified in our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.  

This account is separate from other accounts you may already have with us.
To create a Citizen Portal account, you can use the same email address that you use for other accounts.  

You can use new waste form using browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.  

Do not use Internet Explorer as this is not supported and you may not be able to fill in a form. 

What details you need to create the account 

 To create the account you need to provide an email address and a password. If you want, you can use the same email address you use logging to our different services. We do not recommend using same password for security reasons.   

What to do when you can’t log into your account 

Check you've created an account in our new system. 

To do that: 

  1. Try to sign in by typing your email and password  
  2. Check the error message  
  • If it says: “We can't seem to find your account” it means we can’t find your account so you need to create one. 

  • If it says: “Your password is incorrect” it means you have the account but need to reset your password. 

What to do when you have a problem with your password

You have forgotten your password 

Select the I’ve forgotten my password link and follow the steps. You’ll need to have access to the email account you signed up with as we’ll send you a verification code.  

Your password must be between 8 and 16 characters long and need at least one  

  • lowercase character a to z  

  • uppercase character A to Z  

  • numbers (0-9)  

one or more of the following symbols: @ # $ % ^ & * - _ + = [ ] { } | \ : ' , ? / ` ~ " ( ) ; .    

After resetting your password, you can’t see the form 

When you tried to fill in a form but forgot your password and had to reset it, unfortunately you won’t be taken back to the form. You need to search for it again, best by clicking the council logo and using the search box on the top right. 

 You tried to reset your password and was told to change it in your social account 

If you tried to reset your password but it took you to a page stating you were logged in through a social account, and to reset your password on that account, don’t worry. 

If you haven’t created the account using a social account, it means that your account doesn’t exist. It’s possible you’re trying to use login details for a different account you use to access some of our other services. 

To check if you have Citizen Portal account: 

  1. Try to sign in by typing your email and password  
  2. Check the error message  
  • If it says: “We can't seem to find your account” it means we can’t find your account so you need to create one. 

  • If it says: “Your password is incorrect” it means you have the account but need to reset your password. 

You can create an account and fill in the form you wanted. 

If you can’t, you may complete the Callback form. We’ll get in touch with you.   

Help with a form

Form is not working; you can’t fill it in  

 Check what browser you’re using. (A browser is a “window” which you use to see the website). Our new forms don’t work in Internet Explorer. You need to use a different  browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.  


 How to report multiple containers missed, for example a black wheelie bin and recycling  

 If all recycling has been missed fill in a missed collection form and select just one container (such as a Green box) and type: 'all recycling' in the location field.  

If all waste (rubbish and recycling) has been missed: complete one form for recycling, selecting one container from recycling list and typing “all recycling” in the location details field, and one form to report a missed collection of general waste.  


How to find the collection day calendar  

 To find your collection day calendar go to the collection day finder

 To download your calendar:  

  • look at your collection date for 'General Waste'  

  • look at your 'Round description' (it's on the line below the 'Last collection date')  

  • make a note of the day of the week and the round: A, B or Every Week.  

  • *if your recycling is collected on different days you will need to download 2 calendars.   


How to cancel a bulky waste collection

We can only give refunds if your bulky waste collection is cancelled five working days in advance.

You can cancel your bulky waste collection

  • Online
    1. Sign in to your account.
    2. Select bulky waste collection case number
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
    1. Select the "Request cancellation" button.
  • Over the phone
    1. Call us on 0117 922 2100.
    2. Tell us the reference number we gave to you when you requested the collection.

How to cancel a requested service 

To cancel a requested service, call 0117 922 2100 and select option 1 then option 2.  


How to check details of a requested service (chosen collection date, location) 

To check your collection day, items for collection and selected location, log in to your account and select the Case number under “My services”. If you do this, you should be able to see your completed form with all the information. 

What to do when you’re still not able to access new account or forms

You can