Missed bin or recycling collection

Missed bin or recycling collection

On the day of the collection wait until after 5pm to report a missed collection. You need to report the missed collection before the end of the next working day.

Report a missed collection

When we’ll collect

If you make your report:

  • before 12 noon the following day, we’ll collect on that working day
  • after 12 noon the following day, we’ll collect the next working day 

Why we can’t collect some waste

We won’t collect:

  • extra waste next to your black wheelie bin
  • extra waste stopping your black wheelie bin lid from closing
  • extra waste left by the side of your black wheelie bin (we’ll empty your black wheelie bin and put any extra waste back in it)

We do collect extra recycling if items are separated into untied carrier bags.

Put bins and recycling out on the edge of your property by 7am. Make sure they’re clearly visible from the road.

If you didn’t put your waste or recycling out

If you forgot or weren’t able to put your recycling or waste out on collection day, put it out on the next collection day. You can also take your waste and recycling to one of our household waste recycling centres.