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You can no longer submit an Expression of Interest.

Expression of Interest pilot phase

Thank you to everyone who submitted an Expression of Interest for our Bristol parks and green spaces. We've had an excellent response to the pilot phase of Bristol Future Parks and look forward to sharing more details of the successful projects soon.

The Expression of Interest period for the pilot phase ran from 25 October to 31 December 2021. 

Following a thorough assessment process, we've chosen:

  • 7 small scale projects
  • 8 medium scale projects
  • 6 larger projects

16 of these are community projects and 5 are commercial projects.

January and February

All applications went through an initial assessment and engagement process to evaluate the feasibility of each proposed project.


The projects that passed the initial assessment went through a formal assessment to look at how each project met the detailed selection criteria.  


All successful projects went through an internal governance review. Community development experts at Bristol City Council began working on 4 small scale projects.


We contacted all applicants to tell them the outcome of their submissions. 

We delivered 2 parks workshops to plan the development and delivery of the commercial and community projects.

Next steps

The selected projects are currently undergoing further assessment into feasibility. Thank you for your continued interest. 

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Bristol parks and green spaces aims

Our parks and green spaces vision statement.

Explore the parks

Explore parks in detail, including maps, images and ideas.

Chaplin Community Garden is much smaller than our other parks, so we have fewer details. Find out everything you need to know at Chaplin Community Garden.