Chaplin Community Garden

About this community garden

Chaplin Community Garden is a small pocket park that lies at the corner of Chaplin Road and Nicholas Road in the Bristol suburb of Easton. The green space is bordered by railings on the pavement edge and neighbouring residential properties. It was created in the 1970s to improve the road junction within the tight Victorian and Edwardian residential suburb of terraced streets.

The site contains three trees of varying ages, a grassed area and two benches around a stone focal point that is thought to have once been the base of a sundial.

The community garden provides a welcome green respite from the dense, terraced urban streets that define the character of the neighbourhood. The space is accessible from two gateways through the boundary railings, and the stone base for the former sundial provides a focal point for the two benches in the hardstanding area. The western half of the park is a grassed area that creates a more informal green space.

Chaplin Community Garden Group Go to (opens new window) is a group of local residents who help to maintain the park.

Find out more about what makes this space unique and distinctive by reading the pdf Our Spirit of Place assessment (1.62 MB) .