Advertise your business on our 8 showcase banners in the centre of Bristol.

We have 4 pairs of back-to-back flag-style banners by the fountains in Broad Quay.

Eight banner spaces, two per pole, in Broad Quay.

Benefits of advertising with us

You will get to advertise in a unique, busy location and any income above costs supports council teams and services.

If you advertise with us, we’ll manage:

  • production
  • installation

You just need to supply print-ready artwork.

We also provide design services, if necessary.

How much it costs

Display costs vary depending on how many banners you want and how long you want to advertise for.

Costs include:

  • printing on the most durable banner material
  • installation
  • regular site visits
  • maintenance

The costs are for the same artwork on all the banners. There is an additional charge for extra artwork.

How to book

Bookings are available for 4 or 8 banners, at fixed 4 week periods.

For more information, costs and to book: