Your responsibilities and our review service.

If you're developing or buying land it's your responsibility to investigate and deal with any land contamination issues.

It's a good idea to appoint an experienced environmental consultant who can complete this work on your behalf and advise on your legal obligations.  You can find consultants in the Ends directory or by searching the internet.

Our services


  • inspect land in the city to identify any that is contaminated and prioritise any level of risk from contamination
  • keep a contaminated land register, it currently has no entries
  • advise on development of land 
  • respond to pollution incidents

Review service

We offer a review service to assess potential contamination based on land information we hold. 

You can request either:

  • a letter containing research and the contamination status of the property address  or
  • an environmental report containing historic maps, a  description of known historical industry, and any known contamination issues within 250 meters of the property

The letter costs £68 and is generally available two weeks after we receive the request.

The environmental report costs £156 and is generally available three weeks after we receive the request.

Large sites and additional cost

If the site is large there may be an additional fee of £52 before we start with the search.

How to request a review

To request a review please email us via with the following information:

  • which type of search you require
  • the property address (with a location plan if possible)
  • your contact details

Also include a purchase order or reference number, so we can raise an invoice.

Pollution incidents

You can report any pollution incidents, such as leaks and spills. Call us on 0117 922 2500 option 3.

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