Student exemptions and discounts

Student exemptions and discounts

Find out if you can pay less council tax if you're a full-time student.

Who could get a discount or exemption

You can get a discount or be exempt if:

  • everyone in the property is a full-time student you may not have to pay any council tax
  • only some people are full-time students you’ll have to pay but might get a discount

If you live in a student hall provided by your university or college then you don't need to apply.

Apply for a student discount or exemption

Before you start

You'll need the:

  • address and postcode of the property
  • names of all adults over 18 living at the property
  • date each person moved in
  • student number or certificate for each student
  • date of birth for students under 20 years old

What is a full-time student

If you’re over 20 years old, then your course(s) must:
  • last at least 24 weeks
  • involve at least 21 hours study a week
  • be at a recognised educational establishment

If you’re under 20, then your course(s) must:

  • last at least 3 months
  • involve at least 12 hours study per week