Your council tax bill may be reduced if you live in a property where changes have been made to help a resident child or adult who has a disability.

The council tax for the property will be charged at the rate of the band below it. For example if the property is at Band C then the council tax payable will be at a Band B rate. A reduction is also available for Band A properties.

See council tax bands and charges for band information.

You can apply for disabled band relief if the person with the disability lives in the property as their main home and the property meets at least one of these criteria:

  • extra bathroom or kitchen for the use of the person with the disability
  • a room is used for a special purpose, for example, dialysis
  • extra space for wheelchair use

Our inspector will need to visit the property to make sure the criteria is met.

To apply, please request an application form using the council tax general enquiry form.