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To make sure your enquiry gets dealt with as quickly as possible, you should first check for another form that is better for what you need to do.

You should not use this form to:

  • set up a Direct Debit for 10 or 12 instalments
  • tell us you're moving home
  • apply for single person discount
  • apply for student exemptions and discounts
  • apply for the Council Tax Reduction scheme
  • make a payment online
  • get help with problems paying your council tax
  • get a copy of your council tax bill
  • register for an online account or paperless bill

Go to our council tax pages to find forms for these.

Do not use this form to send us information you have already sent through another form as this will delay us responding to your enquiry.

This form is not automated and will take at least 21 working days for us to respond.

If you cannot find a form for what you need to do, you can use our council tax enquiry form.