How to end your council property tenancy

How to end your council property tenancy

You can end the tenancy on your council property using our notice to quit form.

When to give your notice 

You must give us four week's notice to end your council property tenancy

Your notice cannot be backdated. It'll start on a Monday and end on a Monday, four weeks later. 

Before you start

You can use this form to end a tenancy for yourself, and your household

If you need to end a tenancy because a tenant has died, you must use a different form. How to end a tenancy after a tenant dies.

You'll need your rent account number to submit this form.

Give notice to quit your tenancy

If you’re a joint tenant

If you're a joint tenant, and you give notice, the whole tenancy will end.

The other tenant(s) won't automatically be allowed to stay. 

If you change your mind

If you change your mind about ending your tenancy, you'll need to contact us straight away.

We can only stop the notice in the weeks before your tenancy officially ends. If the tenancy end date has passed, you'll no longer have a tenancy at that property.

Before you leave

Before you leave your property, you should:

  • Make sure it's clean and tidy with no damage. We'll allow for some wear and tear, you'll be recharged if we need to clear your property or do repairs because of you altering, damaging or neglecting the property.
  • Remove all rubbish, furniture and possessions from your home, loft, garden and shed, if you have one. If you need to get rid of any large items of furniture, you can book a bulky waste collection.
  • Pay any outstanding rent and other charges.
  • Let us know if you're having problems paying your rent.
  • Tell council tax that you're moving
  • If you need to, let housing benefit know that you're moving.
  • If you need, let HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) know that you're moving
  • Let your utility (electric, gas, water) companies know. You'll need to end your accounts or change your details. You'll be asked to provide meter readings. 
  • Let your bank, building society, insurance company and any other organisations you deal with know that you're moving. 
  • Redirect your mail using the Post Office website.
  • Tell your doctor, school (if you have any children) if you're moving out of the area.
  • Check that you've locked all doors and windows
  • Make sure everyone in the property has moved out
  • Label your keys with your name and address and take them to a citizen service point.

Handing in your keys

You must label all your keys with your name and address. This includes your window keys and communal keys.

You'll need to take your keys to our Citizen Service Point, by 12noon on the last day of your tenancy.

If you don't hand the keys in by 12noon, you may be charged extra rent payments, and the costs for us to change the locks.