Free access to business databases at our libraries

Free access to business databases at our libraries

Information about business databases you can use for free from Bristol libraries and from your home.

Bristol libraries and the Business & IP Centre (BIPC) Bristol provide free access to a range of business databases. They include:

  • market research
  • grants
  • company reports

Databases you can use from our libraries and from your home

If you're a member of the library, you can use the following databases from our libraries and at home by logging in with your library card number. Join the library.


COBRA (Complete Business Reference Adviser) has information about starting and running a business in a wide range of industries.

You can use COBRA’s business opportunity profiles to find information about different business ideas.

For existing businesses, COBRA has:

  • the latest information in its sector updates
  • business events
  • a legal library

If you’re using COBRA from a library, ask a member of staff for a COBRA information guide.

To log in to COBRA from home:

  • enter your Bristol library card number into the library membership number field
  • press Submit

Kompass EasyBusiness

Kompass EasyBusiness is a B2B (business to business) directory with over 43 million individual company and market listings in over 70 countries.

To get data from Kompass EasyBusiness, email your search criteria to We'll download the data and email it to you.

You can also log in to Kompass EasyBusiness from home.


NewsBank is a database of global news sources.

To log in to NewsBank from home:

  • enter your library card number in the library membership number field
  • press Proceed

Databases you can only use at the Business & IP Centre (BIPC) in Central Library

You can only use the following databases from the computers at the BIPC in Central Library. Ask a member of staff to log you in.

You can download information and print from all of these databases except Mintel and British Standards Online. Find out how much it costs to print.


EMIS has the latest news, data and information from emerging markets in developing countries across the world.


GRANTfinder is a funding database that covers local, national and international funding sources.


IBISWorld has the latest analysis on the performance and projections of UK industries and sectors.

Local Data Company

Local Data Company has information on towns, cities and high streets across the UK, mostly on shops and leisure activities.


Mintel has UK market research and consumer trends information. Use Mintel to explore market insights, trend drivers and high quality analysis.

You cannot print or download from Mintel.


Statista has market research resources, insights and forecasts for the most important consumer goods across 170 industries and more than 150 countries.

Library staff can download and print full reports for you.

British Standards Institute Online

British Standards Online is the British Standards Institute’s database of standards. It’s the most comprehensive source of British and adopted European and international standards.

You can use British Standards Online in every Bristol library. You cannot print or download from it.


If you have questions or need more information: