Information about Blue Plaques in Bristol.

Blue Plaques are put up to recognise important figures in the history of Bristol, usually in the place where they lived or worked.

We used to run the Blue Plaques scheme. The Bristol Civic Society has taken over from us.

You can look at a map of Bristol blue plaques on Know Your Place.

The Open Plaques website has details of other plaques in Bristol.

If you'd like to know more, contact Bristol Archives or Bristol Central Library


Eric Ball OBE 1903-1989

'The Beethoven of Brass': Salvationist and composer who worshipped at this hall as a child.

Wikipedia entry for Eric Ball

Location: Salvation Army Hall on Two Mile Hill Road (at corner of Kennard Road), BS15 1AD

Ernest Bevin 1881-1951

General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union, MP and Foreign Secretary. Lived at this address.

A short biography of Ernest Bevin

Location: 39 Saxon Road, St Werburgh's, BS2 9UQ

Jack Board 1867-1924

Gloucester and England wicket keeper. Lived at this address from 1896-1902.

Wisden obituary and career statistics for Jack Board

Location: 22 Manor Road, Bishopston, BS7 8PY

Dame Clara Butt 1873-1936

Concert singer. Lived at this address from 1882 to 1886.

A short biography of Dame Clara Butt

Location: 3 Belle Vue, Totterdown, BS4 2BG

Birthplace of Bristol's aerospace industries 19 February 1910

In this building Sir George White, chairman of Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company, founded the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company and the Bristol Aeroplane Company, forerunners of British Aerospace and Rolls Royce at Filton and Patchway.

Centenary website for the Bristol Aeroplane Company

Location: Halifax Building Society, Clare Street, BS1 1XA (this plaque is currently missing)


Thomas Clarkson 1760-1846

Anti-slave trade campaigner. Stayed at this pub in 1787 to research the conditions of slaves being transported.

Wikipedia biography of Thomas Clarkson

Location: Seven Stars Pub, 1 Thomas Lane, Redcliffe, BS1 6JG

Russ Conway 1925–2000

Pianist, composer and entertainer, born as Trevor H Stanford. Lived at this address from 1929 to 1944.

A short biography of Russ Conway

Location: 2 Dean Lane, Southville, BS3 1DF

Norah Cooke-Hurle (nee Fry) 1871-1960

Educationalist and mental health pioneer lived at Brislington Hill House on this site from 1915 to 1921.

Wikipedia entry for Norah Cook-Hurle

Location: Stars and Stripes Pool Hall, Bath Road, Brislington Hill, BS4 5BE


Paul Dirac 1902-1984

Nobel Prize Laureate (1933) who revealed the secrets of quantum physics and antimatter. Born and lived at this address until 1913.

Location: 15 Monk Road, Bishopston, BS7 8LE



John Frost 1784-1877

Chartist leader and social revolutionary. Lived at this address from 1855 to 1877.

A short biography of John Frost

Location: 68 Park Road, Stapleton, BS16 1AU



The Gaiety Cinema 1933-2000

On this site stood the Gaiety Cinema, the last family owned cinema in Bristol which showed films to an estimated eight million people.

A short history of the Gaiety Cinema

Location: Corner of Crossways Road and Wells Road, Knowle, BS4 2SQ


Edward William Godwin 1833-1886

Bristol-born architect, furniture and fabric designer whose work includes the Carriageworks, Stokes Croft and Highbury Chapel, St Michael's Hill. Lived at this address from 1862 to 1865.

Wikipedia entry for Edward William Godwin

Location: 21 Portland Square, St Paul's, BS2 8SJ


Catherine Grace 1907-1986

Educational pioneer, founder of St Christopher's School. Lived at this address.

Location: 27 Upper Belgrave Road, Clifton, BS8 2XL


Elsie Griffin 1895-1989

International opera singer. Principal soprano with D'Oyly Carte Opera Company. Popularised 'Danny Boy' and 'Roses of Picardy'. Attended this school and lived nearby.

Wikipedia entry for Elsie Griffin

Location: St Michael's on the Mount Without Primary School, Park Lane, BS2 8BE



Ruby Helder 1890-1938

'The Lady Tenor' and international opera singer. Born nearby in Brooklyn Terrace and raised in the Glasshouse Hotel, Lawrence Hill.

Location: Flats at southern end of Easton Road, Easton, BS5 0EX


Bob Hope 1903-2003

Comedian and actor. Lived in Whitehall and St George circa 1906 to 1908.

Bob Hope website

Location: St George's Park (at entrance on Church Road), St George, BS5 9EN


Victoria Hughes 1897-1978

Befriended and cared for prostitutes when she worked as a lavatory attendant on the Downs from 1929 to 1962.

BBC news articles about Victoria Hughes

Location: Public toilets on the Downs, BS9 1FG



John James 1906-1996

Philanthropist who gave so much to the people of Bristol. Born and lived at this address.

John James Bristol Foundation website

Location: 96 Philip Street, Bedminster, BS3 4DR



Charlotte Keel 1888-1955

Alderman and health pioneer. Lived at this address from 1915 to 1955.

Location: 15 Hereford Road, St Werburgh's, BS2 9UW


Annie Kenney 1879-1930

Leading suffragette. Lived at this address in 1910.

Location: 23 Gordon Road, Clifton, BS8 1AW



Sir Allen Lane CH 1902-1970

Founded Penguin Books in 1935 and lived at this address from 1910 to 1919.

History of Penguin Books

Location: 11 Cotham Vale, Cotham, BS6 6HS


Thomas Lawrence 1769-1830

President of the Royal Academy and portrait painter to King George III and George IV. Born at this address.

A short biography of Thomas Lawrence

Location: 9 Redcross Street; St Jude's, BS2 0BA


Adolph Leipner 1827-1894

Founded the first University Botanic Garden at Woodland Road and co-founded the Bristol Naturalists Society. Lived at this address from 1870 to 1894.

Location: 47 Hampton Park, Cotham, BS6 6LQ



Kassam Ismail Majothi 1924-2002

Founder of Bristol Sweet Mart at St Mark's Road.

Website of the Bristol Sweetmart

Location: 71 St Mark's Road, Easton, BS5 6HX


Hannah More 1745-1833

Educator, writer and social reformer, started the first school in Brislington at Keepers Cottage circa 1796.

A biography of Hannah More

Location: Keepers Cottage, Brislington Hill, Brislington, BS4 5NJ



Nipper the Dog 1884-1895

‘His Master's Voice': Mark Barraud (1848-1887) owner and master of Bristol born dog Nipper was employed as a scenic designer in the old Prince's Theatre in Park Row.

ikipedia entry for Nipper

Location: Corner of Park Row/Woodland Road, BS1 5LT


Frank Norman 1930-1980

Author and playwright. Born at this address on 9 June 1930.

Wikipedia entry for Frank Norman

Location: 151 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, BS8 2RA



Lady Emmeline Pethwick Lawrence 1867-1954

Lecturer, writer, suffragist and pacifist who edited ‘Votes for Women' was born at this address.

Wikipedia entry for Emmeline Pethwick Lawrence

Location: 20 Charlotte Street, Brandon Hill, BS1 5PZ



Canon Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley 1851-1920

English clergyman, poet, writer of hymns and conservationist who co-founded the National Trust in 1895.

Wikipedia entry for Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley

Location: Community of the Sisters of the Church, 82 Ashley Road, St Paul's, BS6 5NT


Michael Redgrave 1908-1985

Actor and film star. Born at this address.

Location: 4 Horfield Road, off St Michael's Hill, BS2 8EA


Irene Rose 1883-1965

Dancer and singer. President of the Music Hall Ladies Guild. Lived at this address.

Location: 26 Richmond Street, Totterdown, BS3 4TQ (this plaque is currently missing)


Isaac Rosenberg 1890-1918

Artist and poet. Born close to this site at 5 Adelaide Place (original house now demolished).

Location: 25 Garamound House, Clarence Road, Redcliffe, BS1 6RP


Ronald Russell 1910-1994 & Peggy Ann Wood 1912-1998

Ran the Rapier Players repertory company here at the Little Theatre continuously from 1935 to 1963.

A short biography of Peggy Ann Wood

Location: Colston Hall, Colston Street, BS1 5AR



Ellen Sharples 1769-1849 & Rolinda Sharples 1794-1838

Mother and daughter. Artists who lived at this address from 1821 to 1832.

Wikipedia entry for Ellen Sharples

Location: 37 Canynge Road, Clifton, BS8 3LD


Jessie Stephen 1893-1979

Councillor and trade unionist who in 1952 became the first woman president of the Trades Council. Lived and died at this address.

Wikipedia entry for Jessie Stephen

Location: 27 Chessel Street, Bedminster, BS3 3DP


Sir Robert Stephens 1931-1995

Stage and screen actor and an early star of the National Theatre, London. Lived at this address from 1931 to 1939.

A short biography of Robert Stephens

Location: 34 Priory Road, Shirehampton, BS11 9TD


Rt Rev Dr Mervyn Stockwood 1913-1995

Vicar of St Michael's parish, Moorfields, 1941-1955 and Bishop of Southwark 1959-1980: 'As a Christian he inspired generosity. As a leader he fought for tolerance.'

Wikipedia entry for Mervyn Stockwood

Location: Corner of Church Road/Cowper Street, Redfield, BS5 9JZ


Elizabeth Sturge 1849-1944 & Helen Sturge 1858-1945

Pioneers in women's suffrage and education for girls and young women. Lived at this address from 1928 to 1944.

Location: 2 Durdham Park, Redland, BS6 6XA



Robin Tanner 1904-1988

Etcher and painter. Lived at this address.

Wikipedia entry for Robin Tanner

Location: 5 Ryde Road, Knowle, BS4 2ES


Robert Taylor GC 1920-1950

Lived at this address all his life. Killed trying to stop armed robbers at Lloyds Bank, Westbury on 13 March 1950 and awarded the George Cross for bravery.

Honorary article for Robert Taylor

Location: 24 Victoria Park, Fishponds, BS16 2HJ


Ben Tillett 1861-1943

President of the Trades Union Congress and MP.

A short biography of Ben Tillett

Location: 87 Somerset Road, Knowle, BS4 2HX


Guy Broadwith Tordoff 1908-1990

Teacher of Esperanto, pacifist and committed Quaker who travelled widely in eastern Europe to promote peace through better communication. Lived at this address from 1923 to 1988.

Location: 82 Pendennis Park, Brislington, BS4 4JN


Dame Eva Turner 1892-1990

Opera singer. Attended St Anne's School from 1901 to 1906.

Wikipedia entry for Eva Turner

Location: St Anne's School, Bloomfield Road, St Anne's, BS4 3QT



Ada Vachell 1866-1923

Champion of poor and disabled people and founder in 1895 of the 'Guild of the Handicapped.' Lived at this address from 1910 to 1923.

Location: Foley Cottage, 130 Hampton Road, Redland, BS6 6JE



John William Henry Wall 1855-1915

Novelist and local historian, ‘The Shoemaker Poet'. A pioneer of the Bristol and District Co-op Movement, founded at 38 Croydon St and opened at 22 Houlton Street in 1884. He set up the ‘Shakespeare Boot Mart'" at 15 Croydon Street in 1887. A bootcutter, on low income, who with co-operative and socialist principles, fought for the rights of working-class people.

Location: Croydon House, Croydon Street, Easton, BS5 0DX


Princess Caraboo 1791-1864

Real name Mary Wilcocks

Arrived in Almondsbury on 3 April 1817 and successfully passed herself off as Princess Caraboo from Javasu (a non-existent island) from which she claimed to have been kidnapped by pirates. Exposed ten weeks later, Mary emigrated to America returning to London 1824 and subsequently Bedminster where she became a leech dealer. From 1851 to the end of her life she lived at this address.

The story of Princess Caraboo

Location: 11 Princess Street, Bedminster, BS3 4AG


Henry Wills 1856-1922

Engineer and philanthropist. Lived at this address from 1874 to 1885.

Wikipedia entry for Henry Wills

Location: 23 Blenheim Road (off Coldharbour Road), Redland, BS6 7JL



John Michael Ziman 1925-2005

Leading thinker and writer on the philosophy and history of science and prominent campaigner on the social responsibility of scientists. Lived at this address from 1964 to 1982.

More information: Wikipedia entry for John Ziman Go to (opens new window)

Location: 20 Eastfield, Westbury-on-Trym, BS9 4AD