Conservation area character appraisals


We value the specialist knowledge of local groups and greatly support working together to produce character appraisals.

Local communities have become more involved in identifying what is positive and negative about a conservation area, including unlisted buildings of merit, and helping to define boundaries.

We welcome all input into what makes an area special and what could improve an area; or more specific comment on a draft character appraisals via

Westbury on Trym Conservation Area

The Westbury-on-Trym Conservation Area Character Appraisal and boundary extensions were adopted on 24 July 2015. The process of community engagement and is outlined in the Statement of Community Involvement at the end of the document.

Character appraisals in progress

College Green Conservation Area

Consultation on the Draft College Green Conservation Area Character Appraisal has closed. The document is due to be re-drafted in light of comments received and put forward for adoption in 2015.

Appraisals being carried out later

We are in the process of reviewing our forward programme for future character appraisals. We aim to have a Consultation Draft for the Gloucester Road Conservation Area ready by the end of 2015.

Character appraisals and the Our Place project

Finding the resources to implement the programme of Character Appraisals is challenging. If you live in a Conservation Area that does not currently have a Character Appraisal, then the City Design Group will support you in the Our Place project initiative. This is a way that a local group can start the process of conservation area review, which can be used to form the basis for a Character Appraisal.

Adopted character appraisals

What is a conservation area character appraisal?

Conservation Area Character Appraisals help residents and us to understand the history of an area and why it is special. They help shape future developments and planning policies, as well as giving residents an idea of what enhancements could be made.

We have undertaken a review of Bristol's existing conservation areas. This is through the production of a character appraisal and set of management proposals for each area.

The consultation and adoption process for each appraisal will give it enough weight to be a significant consideration in making planning decisions, and at appeal.

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