JSNA Data Profile

JSNA Data Profile

The latest JSNA data profile of Health and Wellbeing in Bristol, and previous profile reports.

The Health and Wellbeing in Bristol 2018 (JSNA 2018 data profile) report provides a snapshot of the health and wellbeing of Bristol in 2018, and highlights current and future needs of local people.  

As well as stressing the challenges, with a key theme of inequality which remains prevalent across the city, the report also highlights areas which are improving.  

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol said: “This report will help to make sure that efforts are focused in the right areas and lay the foundation for future joint plans such as the One City Plan.”

The JSNA data profile covers a huge variety of topics which range from the role that a healthy lifestyle plays in staying well to the broader factors that affect health such as employment, education and housing.  It draws on NHS and GP health data to provide a rounded picture and includes areas such as mental health, long terms conditions and sexual health.

It was agreed and published by the Bristol Health and Wellbeing Board in October 2018.