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Get information about your payments and proof of entitlement and see your Housing Benefit letters.

Your Housing Benefit information is split across 2 accounts.

Use the housing benefit account to see your payments and get proof of your entitlement.

Use the online letters account to see your Housing Benefit calculation and entitlement letters. 

View your payment details and proof of entitlement

Sign into your housing benefit account to: 

  • see next payments
  • see past payments
  • get proof of your entitlement

If you're checking your housing benefit for the first time, you'll need your:

  • Housing Benefit reference number, find this on the letters we've sent you
  • National Insurance number

You must already be claiming Housing Benefit to use this service.

View your Housing Benefit calculation and entitlement letters

Sign in to or register for a housing benefit online letters account to see:

  • how your Housing Benefit is worked out
  • your Housing Benefit entitlement letters