We're committed to supporting our social workers to progress in their careers with us with three specific routes which are all underpinned by training and support.

These routes include:

  • practice educator
  • aspiring manager
  • practice expert

Practice educator

If you're interested in supporting social work students, then this route is for you.

Following completion of specialist training in respect to Practice Education/development of others, you’ll complete Practice Educator Professional Standards (PEPS) 1 whilst assessing a student, and subsequently assess another student to complete PEPS 2.

Once you’ve completed PEPS1 and PEPS2, you'll be qualified Practice Educators, supporting students on a regular basis.

Aspiring manager

If you're interested in developing your management skills, then this the route for you.

Following completion of the ‘Aspiring Management’ programme/relevant preparing for management training which involves supervision training/audit training and deputising for your manager over at least 6 months, then you’ll be able to progress in your management career.

Practice expert

If you're passionate and knowledgeable about a particular theme in social work, then this route is for you.

You can undertake training relevant to the specialist role and disseminate this knowledge/advice regularly to colleagues and service areas. One of these routes includes a 15-day course via the Centre for Systemic Social Work.

All routes contribute to the learning culture we are proud to have in Bristol’s Children and Families Service.

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