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The First Assessment Service is the front door to Children’s Services in Bristol, providing support and intervention for families in need ranging from advice and signposting, through early help and in to child safeguarding. 

Based in the Multi-Agency Safeguarding hub in Bridewell Police Station (central Bristol), we are a citywide service who work under MASH arrangements with our partners in health, education, police, housing, probation, YOT and the voluntary sector to make rapid decisions for children and their families. 

Social workers can join our team in one of two roles. As a social worker in our citywide rapid “duty and assessment” team (First Assessment Service Social work pod), you will manage a small, rapid turnaround assessment caseload (case-holding for a maximum of 4 weeks) alongside duty desk work. You will use your assessment skills to identify the correct pathway and service offer for children and their families, handing over to the services you have identified after the short term assessment. 

Alternatively, as a Deputy Team Manager in the front door pods, you will work as the primary decision maker for all contacts passing through the front door. This post provides opportunity for development into team manager roles as you will have plenty of opportunity to develop your supervisory skills, management of data, quality assurance and multi-agency working. 

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