We want the best outcomes for children and families in Bristol. They're at the heart of everything we do.

We work with families to help them achieve the change they want to see for themselves and their children. We believe children should live with their families or someone who knows them well, but we will take action when children need to be protected from harm.

Our social workers strive to make sure that children in our care and care leavers are set up for life. To make this happen, we need excellent team members, and in return we will provide you with the support and work environment you need to shine.  

Delivering the highest quality service to children, families and communities within Bristol takes hard work, dedication and focus from everyone within both the children’s workforce and the wider council. 

This ethos has recently been praised by Ofsted after reporting that ‘staff at all levels…are passionate about and dedicated to their work.

Within Bristol, you will find a culture of respect, support, and challenge in order to enable people at all levels of the system to play their part in improving the lives of children in the city, especially those who are most vulnerable. 

There is a genuine commitment to using direct feedback to improve practice. This is driven at all levels.

Children’s wishes and views are captured well…they know they have been listened to and what to do should they need help again in the future.’ Ofsted, January 2022

We're unapologetically ambitious for children and this ambition is at the core of the work we do. 

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