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Bristol Future Parks with commercial potential and opportunities we're keen to explore.

A festival in a park in Bristol

Sites in scope for commercial opportunities

There are five sites in scope for the pilot phase of the Future Parks project. Three of those have specific commercial potential.

They are:

Commercial opportunities we're keen to explore

Working in partnership with businesses and investors we're keen to explore a variety of opportunities that can generate revenue and enhance our park spaces. You can visit our parks pages to explore specific opportunities at each site, but ideas could include:

  • splash parks
  • balance bike zones for young children
  • tree top adrenaline adventures
  • woodland tobogganing
  • bike hubs
  • cafes
  • lakeside activities

By working with us, you can:

  • be among the first to run your business from one of our pilot phase parks
  • diversify your current portfolio and future proof your business with an outdoor presence
  • increase your market share by securing the perfect location for your business needs whilst demand for outdoor activities is increasing
  • scale up after the pilot phase when we add more parks and green spaces to the project

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