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What the Bristol Future Parks approach is, how it works, how to find out more.

Three women enjoying hot drinks outside Blaise Estate Cafe

What is the Bristol Future Parks approach

We're exploring new ways to:

  • raise revenue from our parks and build a more sustainable operating budget
  • invest in and provide vital mental and physical health benefits from our parks
  • support community projects to make our parks better

How the approach works

The first phase of Bristol Future Parks will pilot a new process of engaging communities and enterprises in Bristol's green spaces.

The pilot is being trialled in:

  • Blaise Castle Estate
  • Chaplin Community Garden
  • Dame Emily Park
  • Eastville Park
  • Sea Mills Recreation Ground

See the Our Spirit of Place statements that set out what is special and unique about each park and provide great insights for taking projects forward.

We invited communities and enterprises to submit a proposal of what they want to achieve in our parks. This is called an Expression of Interest (EOI). We have received a large number of EOIs and are assessing them to determine their suitability.

We're piloting this approach and will build learning into future phases.

The future

Our developing parks and green spaces strategy will define our direction of travel for the next 20 years. Bristol Future Parks complements work we've already started in:

  • health
  • heritage (natural and built)
  • children and young people
  • green infrastructure
  • volunteering
  • income generation

We're also inviting commercial partners to operate from some of our parks and introduce leisure activities that both enliven our open spaces and raise revenue for the parks. We want to foster an environment where communities and businesses can work alongside each other in a mutually beneficial way.

We have a challenge ahead of us, but great things can be achieved when we harness the power of our communities and partners.