What you'll need to pay for a local land charges search and how to pay.

How to pay

We only accept payment by Bankers Automated Credit (BACS) or Bank Transfer (BT) for local authority search requests.

Our banks details are:

Sort Code: 56-00-05 
Account Number: 41322266
Account Title: Bristol City Council

VAT rates

Further to HMRC's decision that Con 29 R and O products should be subject to VAT, we have implemented this change and charge VAT at the standard rate of 20% on the CON29 R and O (and associated additional parcels of land).

The LLC1 fee is exempt from VAT.

You can find a revised fees list below.

Send LLC1and Con29 requests to landcharges@bristol.gov.uk .

You'll need to make sure you send us confirmation of payment with your search request to landcharges@bristol.gov.uk. We can't process any requests without proof of payment.

We'll supply you with a VAT receipt when you receive your search results. 

What you'll need to pay

Type of search


Full Search (LCC and Con 29) Residential £104 (£114.40 with VAT)
Full Search (LCC and Con 29) Commercial £145.60 (£160.16 with VAT)

LLC1 (By Email) Residential/Commercial

Con29  (By Email) Residential/Commercial

£52/£72.80 (VAT exempt)

£52 + £10.40 (VAT) = £62.40/72.80 +£14.56 (VAT) = £87.36

LLC1 (Post/ DX)  Residential/Commercial


Con29 (Post/DX) residential/commercial £57.20 + £11.44 (VAT) = £66.64/£78 + £15.60 (VAT) = £93.60

Additional property LLC1


Additional Property Con29 £13.52 + £2.70 (VAT) = £16.22

Con29 Pt II optional enquiry (Con290)

£7.28 + £1.46 (VAT) = £8.74

Commons Search (Q.22) £14.56 + £2.91 (VAT) = £17.47

Additional written enquiry

£16.64 + £3.33 (VAT) = 19.97

Personal search (as of August 2010) 

Free inspection