Freedom of information (FOI): published information

Freedom of information (FOI): published information

Our publication scheme (pdf, 672KB) (opens new window) explains the type of information we publish.

Bristol City Council received 555 new Freedom of Information requests between 1 January 2018 and 31 March 2018. 

The council answered 427 requests within the required timescale of 20 working days, which is approximately 77%.

Of the 555 requests received the council answered 517.

Information was withheld in 38 cases.

Out of 555 requests received, 3 cases were escalated to the internal review stage.

Make a Freedom of Information request if you can't find what you're looking for on this page.

Council and Mayor

How the council works
How long the Mayor serves for, information about our councillors.

Our constitution (pdf, 64KB) (opens new window)
How the council operates and the procedures which are followed.

Employment, equalities and HR

Employment data, equalities and HR policies workforce
Information about equalities charts, vacant posts, leavers, sickness and temporary employees.
Also includes HR policies that we use; worklife balance, expenses and pay policy.

Budget and finances

Council's budget
Our revenue and capital budgets, and our medium term spending plans.

Data matching
How the Audit Commission audits our accounts.

Items or services purchased by the council that cost over £500.
Reports go back to 2010 and are done on a monthly basis.

Business rates

Business rates - frequently requested information
Empty properties and credit on accounts

Pay and allowances

Councillors' allowances and payments
The basic allowance for a councillor is £11,530. Allowances are for time given and expenses.

Senior officers' pay
Pay policy and pay grades for the City Director and senior officers posts.

Policies and reports

What we do with your personal data
Privacy statement.

Annual reports
Reports and recommendations produced since 2007.

Performance reports

Decision making

How decisions are made
The role of the council, the Mayor, Scrutiny and other committees.

Mayor's forward plan
Decisions that are likely to be determined during the next four months.

Births, marriages and deaths

Registers of birth, death, marriage and civil partnership
Order a certificate online, in person or by post.


Empty properties owned by organisations
We cannot give you details of empty properties owned by individuals.


Licenses we issue
Includes alcohol and entertainment licenses, gambling permits, HMO licensing and taxi licensing.

Open data

Bristol City Council open data
Includes all our open data on and annual release datasets.

International travel costs

This information is available on the Bristol City Council open data page.