Supplementary planning documents and other planning guidance

Supplementary planning documents, practice notes and other planning guidance

Look at standards for some types of development and planning documents that we use to help make decisions on planning applications.

Documents we use to make planning decisions

We use supplementary planning documents and policy advice notes to help us make decisions on planning applications.

Supplementary planning documents (SPD)

These have extra detail on policies in the Local Plan:

Policy advice notes (PAN)

These have more details about parts of the Local Plan:

Guidance for meeting the Local Plan

We have guidance to help you make sure your development meets the requirements of the Local Plan:

Spatial frameworks

These provide detailed guidance about the layout and design of new development in parts of Bristol:

Public realm strategies

These have extra guidance about the design of streets and spaces in parts of Bristol:

Bristol Tree Replacement Standard

Guidance on the Bristol Tree Replacement Standard can be found in the following documents: