Registering and logging on to your account, adding another person to an account and missing a payment

Registering for a new account

When you register for a new account you'll need:

  • to use your full first name and last name: if it's only your initials on the bill email and we'll get it changed
  • your council tax account number: you'll find this on a bill or letters we've sent you
  • to answer one of your three security questions

If you don't know your council tax account number you'll need to get a copy of your council tax bill.

If you've moved into a new property and haven't had a bill yet, tell us you've moved and we'll send you a bill. Don't set up an online account using the previous occupants' Council Tax account number.

After you register

After you register you'll be taken to the Northgate website. Northgate provide the software for our online account.

More than one person who pays the bill

You can only register for the online account as an individual. You can't add other people's details, even if they pay your council tax bill.

If other people pay your council tax bill they'll have to set up their own online account. 

Your name must be on the bill if you want to register for an online account. If it isn't you'll need to tell us about your change of circumstance so we can add you to the bill.

Problem logging into your account

If your log in details don't work, it may mean that you're not set up on our new system. You'll need to register again with a new username and password.

Forgotten username or password

If you've forgotten your username or password you can reset them when you go to sign in. 

When you reset your username and password you should get an email straight away.

If you don't get the email:

If you've missed a payment

Your online account will always show the next payment that's due, even if it wasn't paid.

For example: if you missed a payment on the 1 December and you log on to your account the next day, the next payment will show as due on the 1 January.

Your payment for 1 December will still be owed. You can see a breakdown of all your payments on your account activity.

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