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Report a problem with a council home or communal area in a block of flats.

If you smell gas you must not try to report it online. Follow our advice on gas safety.

Before you start

You should know that:

Emergency repairs

An emergency repair is any problem that could be a security risk or cause harm to you, another person or to your property.

All emergency repairs need to be reported by phone, using the phone numbers below.

Some examples of emergency repairs are:

  • a health and safety risk, like smashed glass or an electrical hazard
  • a security risk, like a problem with the main entrance to your property such as insecure external window, door or lock
  • total or partial loss of electric power
  • unsafe power or lighting socket or electrical fitting
  • total loss of water supply (not partial loss)
  • total or partial loss of gas supply
  • blocked flue to open fire or boiler
  • no heating or hot water
  • blocked or leaking foul drain, soil stack or toilet
  • toilet not flushing, if there is only one toilet in property
  • leak from a water pipe, tank or cistern

Report an emergency repair

If you're reporting an emergency repair then you'll need to call us:

  • 8.30am to 6pm (office hours): 0117 922 2200
  • 6pm to 8.30am (out of hours): 0117 922 2050
  • Textphone: 0117 922 3892

Report a repair

Report damp, mould or a non-emergency repair online:

Report damp or mould

We aim to assess your report within 4 weeks.

Report a repair

We aim to process your request within 5 working days.