Find out what repairs to your council property you’ll have to pay for.

What you're responsible for

You're responsible for damage that you, your family, visitors, or pets have caused. This includes repairs caused by accidental damage, misuse or neglect, poor DIY and alterations made without permission.

We’ll charge you for any damages caused in these circumstances. These are called chargeable repairs.

If a potentially chargeable repair is posing a health or safety risk then we’ll come and make the area safe. You’ll need to make your own arrangements to properly fix the damage.

Repairs we'll charge you for

  • fixing damage caused by forced entry
  • unblocking drains, toilets, baths, basins and sinks where the blockage is caused by misuse: for example flushing large items down the toilet
  • attending to gas and electricity supply failures if the problem is with your credit meter
  • fixing broken windows or doors: if you're insured you might be able to claim back
  • fixing broken electrical fittings if you've caused physical damage to a switch, socket or light fittings
  • fixing leaking radiators if you've caused the damage
  • fixing damage caused by DIY, for example nails through cables or pipes
  • replacing missing internal doors, badly damaged doors or fire doors
  • fixing broken internal or external door frames
  • fixing broken kitchen units and worktops if the damage was caused by you
  • fixing broken toilets, baths or sinks if the damage was caused by you
  • fixing damage caused by pets, for example scratched doors, chewed wires

Paying for chargeable repairs

We’ll tell you if you need to pay for your repair once you’ve reported it.  You can then decide if you want to go ahead. If you do, you can pay in full or in instalments.

Pay for repairs online

See your repairs charges online

You can sign up for a Bristol account and see your repairs charges, rent and any other housing payments online at any time.