Find out what repairs we’re responsible for and will fix free of charge.

Repairs we don't charge for

We're responsible for making sure your property meets health and safety standards. 

This includes making repairs to:

  • the interior and exterior of your home
  • roof, drains, gutters
  • burst water pipes
  • external doors and windows
  • steps and access ramps
  • floors and ceilings
  • water heaters, boilers, radiators and fires: as long as they were fitted by the council
  • items used for the supply of water, gas, electricity and sanitation, including: washbasins, sinks, baths, toilets, toilet cisterns, waste pipes and showers: as long as they were fitted by the council 
  • painting the exterior woodwork and metalwork of your home, but not including gates, fences and outbuildings.

We’re also responsible for maintaining communal areas, including:

  • rubbish chutes and bins
  • lighting
  • laundries
  • communal TV aerials
  • lifts

Repairs we don't charge for in certain circumstances

Sometimes we'll repair things we don't normally repair if certain circumstances are met. 


We won’t normally carry out repairs to fences or gates, although there may be exceptions if the fence borders public land or you’re disabled.

We’ll also fix fences around communal areas of blocks of flats.

We operate a programme for flats and houses which ensures that fences are maintained every ten years.

Damp and mould

The most common cause of damp and mould is condensation. 

Damp and mould problems can be hard to diagnose so we’ll normally send a surveyor to you first to inspect. Call our repairs line on 0117 922 2200 to make an appointment with a surveyor.

Get independent advice on damp and condensation


We provide free treatment for rats for all council tenants. We also provide free treatment for mice, rats, cockroaches and bedbugs for tenants that live in a property with a shared entrance, such as a block of flats.

Find out more about our pest control service


It’s your responsibility to maintain your garden and carry out repairs.

We may fix fences and gates if they border public land or you’re disabled.

If you’re elderly or disabled you can get help looking after your garden.