Sources or causes of potential hazard for pupils with vision impairment and measures you can take to eliminate the hazards.

When compiling your school risk assessment, choose the risk assessment recommendations that are appropriate to: 

  • your school 
  • the pupil’s vision impairment


Safe access to, and participation in school visits.

Cause or source of hazard

Lack of familiarity with environment and activity. 

Possible lack of background experience. 

Inadequate mobility and independence skills.

Measures to eliminate or control risks 

Carefully consider the needs of the visually impaired pupil. 

Consult with the Qualified Teacher of Vision Impaired (QTVI) and the pupil’s parents or carers to check experiences.  Build in pre-tutoring, if necessary.

Allocate support staff to offer the level of support agreed for the pupil.  Consider comfort breaks for staff and times during the visit when you need to increase or decrease support, depending on the student and activity.

Support staff need to be fully trained in the mobility needs of the student they’re supporting, for example, cane use, sighted guide techniques.

Alert staff at the venue of the needs of the pupil.

By whom 

Select from following as appropriate: 

  • education mobility personnel 
  • QTVI 
  • Teaching Assistant 
  • pupil 
  • school staff and support staff
  • venue staff 
  • parents

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